Joint Parish Magazine-how to get your personal copy.
There are several ways to get your monthly edition of the Joint Parish Magazine.
You can go to the Village Shop and buy one over the counter. If you live in Winsham ,'The Bell' also carries a small stock. Nothing like relaxing in the bar, with your favourite tipple, reading about the latest village events!
Another alternative is to pick up a copy when you visit your Parish Church ( but don't forget to pay for it!).
The method most favoured by 90% of our readers is to take out an annual subscription- 5.00 from January 2022, and you will have your own copy delivered to your home each month. This way you are sure to get your copy-you may find that the shop has sold out by the time you remember.
So if you are new to the area , or just getting round to becoming a reader, and live in Cricket St. Thomas or Winsham, call Sandy Wells (01460 30579) or e- mail: .If you live in Thorncombe Parish call Sue Willoughby (01460 30658).



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