ChairChoice Advertising in the Joint Parish Magazine

What you need to know.
The role of advertising carried by the Magazine is important for two reasons:-
   1.It provides an important source of revenue that subsidises the cost of the annual subscription to the reader. The magazine costs approx. 90p a copy, averaged over a year. It is purchased for 45p . The annual subscription is 5.40 pa.. Advertising revenue makes up the difference.
   2. The advertising in the magazine is of real value to the eighty or so businesses and professional practices that use the publication to promote information about their products and services to some 470 household ( approx. two-thirds of all households) throughout the three parishes. Readership is believed to be much higher, as in many households it is often read by more than one person. Some households also share  a copy of the magazine with another household. Advertising, and the magazine  in general is also heavily subsidised by the the donations  of many hours of work  by the team of forty or so volunteers that work together to produce and distribute the magazine each month, and those who organise the advertising itself. 
Most of the advertising in the Joint Parish Magazine is carried on twelve  pages, printed on yellow paper, each page being divided into eight equally sized spaces. An example of this advertising is shown at the head of this web page.
Each space costs 42 for a twelve month period-January to December. Larger spaces may be available as multiples. Certain village resources such as village shops and play groups appear free of charge.

Single space: 9cm W x 6.5cm H. Double space: 18.5cm W x 6.5cm H or 9cm W x 13.8 cm H.
Colour: Black- Line illustrations-Half tone illustrations not recommended.
Single space: 9cm W x 6.5cm H. Double space: 18.5cm W x 6.5cm H or 9cm W x 13.8 cm H.

Colour: Black- Line illustrations-Half tone illustrations not recommended.

Advertising in 'This 'n' That'
The Inside Back Cover of the Magazine is devoted primarily to the promotion of community events occurring in the three parishes, arranged by our village organisations. These spaces are advertised free of charge. Frequently the number  of such advertisements appearing in an edition does not fill the full page. The remaining space is available to commercial and other advertiserTnT
s as modular  (2-3cm by one column width) Display Classified advertisements. As priority in this section is always given to community events, insertion is not guaranteed. These modular spaces are charged at 3 per month (minimum booking three months). Multiple spaces may be available. Spaces booked but not available will be forwarded onto the next available month. The size of the advertisement may also vary in size, to accommodate the  advertising requirements of local community events.
COPY DATE: 11th of Month preceding publication.
Contact: Sally Welford - 01460 30576 

Preparation of Advertisements
Not all small businesses have access to design studios for the preparation of advertisements. Not all small businesses are 'hot-stuff' when it comes to using Photoshop, or Microsoft Publisher! To help with this problem the Joint Parish Magazine provides, free of charge to advertisers, a design service and advice on how to present their products and services. Ask for details at time of booking your space. Advertisers are of course free to produce their own artwork if they wish.

HOW TO BOOK SPACE and get answers to your questions:
See contacts detailed above.

Advertising in 'Market Place' on the Winsham Parish Web Site enables Joint Parish Magazine advertisers to provide a hyperlink for readers to go directly to their business web site at a  special rate to JPM advertisers of only 5 pa. Click here to view the Market Place feature, and
 obtain information on how to advertise.


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