An open letter to all Winsham Residents


 Jubilee Hall Management Committee

Jubilee Hall, Church Street,

Winsham, Somerset

Registered Charity No.246762

January 2021

Dear Resident of Winsham Parish,


2021 will be a year of change and uncertainty for the Jubilee Hall (and many others): Covid 19 and its legacy and facing up to Climate Change.

The Jubilee Hall Management Committee has two major responsibilities:

1.    To keep this important community asset available to as many Winsham residents as possible by offering it as an attractive, low-cost space for group activities of all kinds. 

2.    To ensure that users enjoy a good level of comfort and convenience, and that the hallís structure and services are properly maintained.

In 2020, except for the first two months, Covid 19 restrictions meant that the Jubilee Hall was unable to fulfil its role as a parish meeting place. It was of course regularly inspected for maintenance issues and, fortunately, little needed to be done.  Hire income was virtually non-existent but overheads (electricity, utilities, insurance, telephone, broadband) continued. Heating costs were minimal, but the hall still needs some heating in winter.  All this was expertly managed by our Treasurer, Bryan Goodman, and our Booking Secretary, Sandy Wells.  A grant from SSDC has helped to defray these costs, and those that we are likely to incur during the next few months. Along with revenue from last yearís Lottery, this has ensured that the hallís financial situation remains sound, at least in the short term.

The works needed to strengthen the rear boundary wall were put on hold but will need to be carried out in the not too far distant future.

Looking forward is something the Management Committee must always do. In recent months Government has announced that it is implementing significant steps to reduce UK carbon emissions within the next decade.  The move to electric cars and other vehicles by 2030 has been the most publicised, but the overall policy will have far-reaching implications for us all.  In due course the Jubilee Hall will be obliged to reduce its own carbon footprint. We currently have oil-fired heating; changing to eco-friendly heating and achieving proper thermal insulation of the hall roof will involve significant expenditure.  Eventually we will have to act. Some grant aid will probably become available, but this will certainly not cover the full expense.

We hope that, in view of the above, you will continue to support the Lottery in 2021, even though it seems unlikely that the hall will be able to return to its usual pattern of activity for a few months to come.  Full details of the Lottery and an application form for tickets are attached. The money contributed by you plays a vital part in keeping our hall running.

For our part, as soon as we can, we will play a pro-active role in helping  Winsham return to its old self, as will, no doubt, ĎThe Bellí, The Street Fair Committee, Winsham Parish Council, Winsham Recreational Trust , St. Stephenís, and Winsham United Football Club-to name but a few!

Kindest regards,

John Sullivan.

Chairman, Jubilee Hall Management Committee.


Please scroll down this page to read the detail of how you can buy your tickets, the prizes, the details of the quarterly prize draw and the Terms and Conditions, and for the link to download a Ticket Application Form



Winning Numberrscomp.jpgJUBILEE HALL LOTTERY 2021

A single ticket for the whole year costs £10 and entitles you to take part in twelve monthly draws (drawn quarterly), each with a first prize of £25, Each month there is also a second prize of £10 and a third prize of an additional number for the monthly draws for the remainder of that year. At Christmas there is an additional Bonus Draw-First Prize £60, Second Prize £40, Third Prize £25.

Tickets can be purchased direct from Winsham Shop from Monday 25th January 2021. The closing date for getting your tickets is Wednesday, 31st March 2021. The first of the quarterly draws - for January, February, and March - will be held at a date to finalised during April 2021. Winners will be notified, and the results will also be published on the Parish Web Site and on the Jubilee Hall notice board.

Bonus Tickets:

If you buy three tickets (in one name) you will be entitled to a fourth ticket FREE!

Just buy your tickets in the usual way, and your extra ticket number will be allocated to you before the first Quarter's Draw in April and will be eligible for all the other draws throughout the year. Purchasers of multiples of three tickets will enjoy pro-rata treatment.  Details will be published after the closing date along with the numbers and ownership of the bonus numbers.

Bonus ticket numbers will not be allocated at time of purchase, to avoid creating extra work for the staff at Winsham Shop, who help us so much.

Tickets can also be purchased by sending the application form (below) directly to Bryan Goodman ( Hon. Treasurer), 33, Western Way, Winsham, Chard, TA20 4JH. Cheques should be made out to 'Jubilee Hall Management Committee'.
Promoter:  Mrs Sarah Gleadell, Church House, Pooles Lane,
Winsham, Chard,TA20 4JB

Click Here to download a Jubilee Hall Lottery 2021Ticket Application Form.pdf Form