Many thanks to all of you who support this fund raising effort.  This current year is full of difficulties for everyone, and although the total number of tickets sold were a few less than the record breaking number of 200 of last year, we are sure that when things get back to normal , so will the finances of the lottery.
Jubilee Hall plays a very important role in the life of our parish, and it is sad to see it being unused. 
Two small items of news: the floral hanging baskets are on display outside the hall, thanks to an anonymous donation. They are regularly maintained by Diana Kershaw- we thank her for this day-by-day effort. Without her efforts, regular maintenance , such as watering and feeding, would be a real problem.
Due to the problems of social distancing, the draw for the first quarter of the Lottery Year was done at our Hon. Treasurers home, observed by video phone by the chairman of the Jubilee Hall's Management Committee. This procedure will continue until lockdown restrictions are releived.

The prize structure remains unchanged from last year. The Christmas bonus draw has been increased; the first prize has been raised from 50 to 60; a second prize has been added at 40 together with a new third prize of 25 .

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