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Winsham is a dynamic, flourishing parish of some three hundred & twenty households and some seven hundred plus residents. It covers about 12sq.miles. About 80% of households are located in the village of Winsham. It is a leader in the use of the Internet for village communications.  Approx. 80% of all households are on-line, and the area has good High Speed Broadband transfers which can be as high as 60mbs for standard services, depending on location. Winsham Market Place is aimed at bringing together, using the Internet, the Winsham community and local Tradesmen and Businesses  for their mutual benefit. The cost of an advertisement space, complete with a link to a web site is just £10pa. In 2021 this charge is waived as a gesture by the Jubilee Hall Management committee, who are the usual recipients of this income, towards supporting local businesses in these difficult times.
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Google Analytics shows that over the last twelve months the Parish Web site received 1.6k users, with 3.4k sessions of nearly two minutes. Market Place Index is often in the top 50% of pages visited, frequently in the top quartile. This demonstrates ongoing interest by the site’s visitors, who are mainly residents of Winsham or the surrounding area. A few will be ‘incomers’.

This increase in visits to the Parish Web Site is most likely to be due in the steadily increasing number of residents who receive the Winsham E-Letter each week-it now stands at about 280. In addition an unknown number read the e-letter via the link on the Home Page on Winsham Parish Web Site. The e-letter can also be accessed on a weekly basis via the Winsham Community Facebook page.

The Winsham Community Facebook page is becoming increasingly important way of reaching younger residents.  Apart from the e-letter it can also be accessed via the logos on the Home Page of the Parish Web Site and also other points placed strategically around Winsham on the Web.


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Services and products available to help maintain and beautify your home. Cookery & catering.


Legal, Financial,  Business & Training                  

PC Servicing & supply of equipment, static and mobile


Gardening services, Garden & Landscape contractors, Tree services, Fencing, Equipment

  Servicing of Cars, vans and most other vehicles.
Tyres, Exhausts & MOT
Local Funeral


Local Retailers


Direct Sales



Osteopathy,  Beauty, Chiropody, Podiatry, Personal Fitness,
Fashion & Accessories


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