All the fun of the Fair!
Winsham Street Fair, Saturday,25th June 2022

Breezy and bright-the Street Fair which followed the weather's example!
Despite the weather forecast suggesting an unsettled day, the crowds turned out and were rewarded by a sunny, if breezy day out....

More pictures from the community......

Steve Weller took this

Steve Weller took this

Steve Weller took this

Steve Weller took this

Steve Weller took this

Steve Weller took this
Deborah and Trevor Harris did delicious Cream Teas in their beautiful garden...

Deb took this of her Dad

Deb took this

Deb took this

Deb took this
Caroline Buckley took these....

Ellie White and Sarah Gleadell took these....

Ellie sent this

Sarah took this

The theme of the Street Fair was 'Flower Power'

The Winsham Street Fair 2022 was the first to be held since 2018, and being a biennial event there should have been a Street Fair in 2020. This had to be abandoned due to the Covid pandemic, and the restrictions placed on public gatherings. At the time it was hoped that it would be held in 2021, but the pandemic continued. Even in this summer of 2022, the contagion still is infecting many people, but for for most, the effects are not serious, so all restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted, although caution about meeting in enclosed spaces is still generally advised.Winsham Street Fair is mainly an open air event.
The event was well attended and it is hoped that many more pictures of individual events  within the fair will become available before being placed permanently on Winsham Web Museum as part of the on-going history of this event, the origin of the current era of Street Fairs starting in 1985 as an event named 'The Pitchfork Rebellion.
The Scarecrow Competition

The Scarecrow Competition which was a popular event in 2021 was continued in 2022, as part of the build -up to the Street Fair but inevitably also found itself  associated with the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations earlier in the month.
Below are some of the other entries:


New Street Fair Committee-September 2021

Following  the retirement of Sally Lines and Jayne Smith, a new committee has been formed


Street Fair Committee

Alison Llewellyn – Chair

John Llewellyn – Vice Chair

Dominic Douglass – Treasurer

Kathy Everard – Secretary

Sarah McEvansoneya

Rachel Leigh

Martin Leigh

Judith Hill

Angela Brook-Smith

Hefina Washbourne

Stephen Corrick

Caroline Buckley



'Get those creative juices flowing....'
Along with the Scarecrow  competition, and Open Gardens, June is going to be Winsham's  be creative month. Below are some lovely ideas using pompoms to brighten spots in the village. Artwork which will brighten and cheer us up. No application forms needed-just do it.... Send us a picture of your special effort. Let's make 'June a Jolly' month. Pictures by Sally Lines.

More pictures to jolly you up!


Judgement Day
-26th June 2021

Scarecrow Competition

The theme is ‘Our Heroes’. Entry forms are available either from Winsham Shop or electronically via the Community Facebook page so please complete one if you would like to do a scarecrow. We’ve got some fabulous family hampers lined up for the top 3 prizes!

The deadline for getting entry forms back to us is June 11th, either handed into the Shop or emailed ( It’s free to enter. Anyone who doesn’t live in Winsham but does live in the Parish is welcome to enter too, but we will need you to bring your scarecrow to an agreed location in the village early on ‘judgement day’ (Saturday 26th June) so that our judges can carry out their task on foot – we will send instructions if this applies to you once we’ve received your form. For everyone else it’s a case of displaying your scarecrow outside your property in the lead up to and including Saturday 26th June. Winsham Horticultural Society is producing a map with scarecrow locations on it, so that everyone can wonder around and possibly combine with visits to Winsham Open Gardens which is taking place on the same day!


To brighten everything up and get the kids involved, June is also going to be the month of ‘art display’ in Winsham. We thought it would be fun to invite all Winshamers to think about putting some artwork of absolutely anything you want to produce e.g. paintings, statues for display in windows, in gardens or on doorsteps etc. This is just for joy and not part of a competition so no entry forms are needed; there is also no ‘theme’ so it’s entirely up to you what you create and display – the only thing we ask is that it’s visible from the street.

 Click HERE for your entry form, which can be printed out

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Winsham Street Fair is a biennial event dating, in its present form from the mid-1980s. It has it's roots in the Charter given to the parish by Henry the Third in 1262, to run during the last three days of June each year. In the 21st century it follows the end of June date, and is a biennial event lasting one day.
It remains similar to the original thirteenth century event in that gives an opportunity for the parish to gather for a social event, with plenty of refreshments available, entertainment, and the opportunity to pick up a bargain form one of the many stalls manned  by vendors and craftsmen and women.
Organisation of the one day event fills the two years between, which involve all sorts of fund raising events needed to bring the event together.

Find out more about the Winsham Street Fair since 1985, and view dozens of pictures visit Winsham Web Museum.
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