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Winsham Street Fair is a biennial event dating, in its present form from the mid-1980s. It has it's roots in the Charter given to the parish by Henry the Third in 1262, to run during the last three days of June each year. In the 21st century it follows the end of June date, and is a biennial event lasting one day.
It remains similar to the original thirteenth century event in that gives an opportunity for the parish to gather for a social event, with plenty of refreshments available, entertainment, and the opportunity to pick up a bargain form one of the many stalls manned  by vendors and craftsmen and women.
Organisation of the one day event fills the two years between, which involve all sorts of fund raising events needed to bring the event together.

Big Breakfast-Big Success!
The fund raising Big Breakfast held on Saturday, 16th March was a great success, with the hall being very busy throughout the two hour event. The money raised finances the launch of next year's Street Fair.
From Sally Lines....

We all had such a good time doing the breakfast, teamwork at its best 😊.

I think it’s safe to say that, due to the 84 big breakfasts dished up and a lot of peoples generosity who came along anyway for a cuppa and made a donation instead of buying a breakfast, we managed to take £520 altogether which, after all our costs, will mean we can put >£400 towards next year’s Street Fair (exact costs still tbc). We’d like to thank everyone who came for their support, plus a few who couldn’t make it but donated anyway, plus the following for their material or financial support:

The Bell-Winsham Shop-Waitrose-Tesco-Sainsbury

Tim and Janet (our volunteer chefs)-Caroline (our volunteer washer-upper)

Only two of our committee were unable to make the event (James Bell and Martin Leigh), the buzz in the hall was energizing and everyone had a really good time!




With the arrival of the New Year, Winsham Street Fair Committee is already thinking about the 2020 Village Calendar and we need your help!

We’d like to get as many people involved in this as possible by using photos, drawings or paintings you might have taken/created of the village and its surroundings that capture the spirit and character of Winsham, so that we can have a wide selection to choose from for the 2020 Calendar.


PHOTOS: If you’ve got a good Winsham photo that represents a particular month of the year, and it is high resolution (essential for good quality reproduction), then please email it to with the following info:

  • Your name
  • The month it was taken
  • Where/what it’s of
  • Your consent for it to be used, if it is selected for the 2020 calendar


DRAWINGS & PAINTINGS: If you have a photo but don’t have email, or if you have a drawing or painting that you have created (children’s contributions welcome!), then call Sally on 30168 and we’ll arrange another way.

Depending on the response we get, then we might even get everyone involved in helping us choose – much as we’d love to, there is only so much space in a calendar!



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