Workshop on Gardening to improve climate resilience. 7th May, 2022. 

Fifteen society members gathered at Lime Kiln House, Winsham, as guests of Julia and Sandy Crole. Sally Morgan, tutor for the event, is a Somerset organic farmer, editor of the Soil Association’s magazine, and the author of several organic gardening books. She has been carrying out similar training for the last fifteen years.


The workshop kicked off with Sally described how to make up your own potting composts from peat free constituents such as leaf mould, mole hill soil and garden compost. Using demo. samples she was able to illustrate the pros and cons of the various compost replacers that are on the market from “Revive” made from Somerset’s Green Waste to charcoal derivatives that are locally available.


We all then moved into the vegetable plot and the raised beds where Sally described different simple mulching techniques and the effects these have on soil health and water retention. The importance of protecting the soil from rising temperatures and rainfall levels was a main topic of conversation, stimulating many questions. Maintaining plant health and resilience through varied and diverse planting strategies was then covered.


After coffee and cake the final part of the morning was spent looking at herbaceous borders where once again strategies to minimize damage from localised water run-off and soil protection were discussed.  Keeping and improving biodiversity within the garden was another theme which recurred throughout the day, and more natural plantings to create a more sustainable solution for the whole garden ecosystem was the closing topic.


The morning concluded with participants expressing thanks to Sally for enabling such an interesting and informative event, and to Julia and Sandy for being such excellent facilitators.


Future Event

Winsham Horticultural Society Annual Show
Saturday,27th August,2022






Some background...

The origins of the Winsham Horticultural Society are shrouded in the mists of time. In such a rural community, it was certain that most homes would have grown their own vegetables for domestic consumption, with no doubt bartering or swapping anything that was surplus to their immediate needs, or could not be pickled, bottled or somehow preserved. It seems likely that Winsham Horticultural Society was formed sometime between the two World Wars, emerging in its present form sometime in the 1950s. Interest in the cultivation of flowers, among ordinary people, probably grew as more people had the leisure and money to indulge in such interests, as standards of living improved, and hobby gardening became a topic of television programmes. But that can only be speculation.

In recent years, Winsham Horticultural Society has organised an annual Summer Show at the end of August. Located on the Upper Recreation  ground it is housed in a large marquee, and offers many categories of exhibits, with a large number of trophies which have been contributed over the years.

It also holds an annual plant and garden accessory sale in the Jubilee Hall every year in May, together with numerous outings and talks throughout the year, culminating in the AGM in November.