The WHC Annual Show will be on Saturday, 28th August

From June 2021 the WHS will start to resume a programme of events. These will follow the government’s Covid-19 safety guidelines that are in place at the time of the event.


Our first event will be the chance to visit 15 gardens within the village. An opportunity to glean some new ideas for your own garden and by a few new plants!


Your chance to show off home-grown vegetables, flower arrangements, handicrafts and many more skills will arrive again as we stage the Annual Flower Show on Saturday August, 28th. Catalogues are available from the village shop, and posters will go up around the village nearer the time.


We are hoping to have a talk by a local expert in the early autumn and a visit to a local garden before the Society’s AGM on the 19th November, 2021. The short meeting will be followed by another informative and interesting talk.


To renew or start your membership contact Margaret Long, Marala, 2 Western Way. Family membership £5 or single £3

“Share your experience and learn something new.”

Some background...

The origins of the Winsham Horticultural Society are shrouded in the mists of time. In such a rural community, it was certain that most homes would have grown their own vegetables for domestic consumption, with no doubt bartering or swapping anything that was surplus to their immediate needs, or could not be pickled, bottled or somehow preserved. It seems likely that Winsham Horticultural Society was formed sometime between the two World Wars, emerging in its present form sometime in the 1950s. Interest in the cultivation of flowers, among ordinary people, probably grew as more people had the leisure and money to indulge in such interests, as standards of living improved, and hobby gardening became a topic of television programmes. But that can only be speculation.

In recent years, Winsham Horticultural Society has organised an annual Summer Show at the end of August. Located on the Upper Recreation  ground it is housed in a large marquee, and offers many categories of exhibits, with a large number of trophies which have been contributed over the years.

It also holds an annual plant and garden accessory sale in the Jubilee Hall every year on the first Saturday in May, together with numerous outings and talks throughout the year, culminating in the AGM in November.