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Project Winsham Pub and Shop

30th March 2017

"We have some news to share.  An offer has been accepted on The Bell and the private buyers have said they are committed to its future as a village pub.

As you are all aware the Shop Management Committee has been working closely with The Bell's owners on the potential for it to become a Community Pub.  We have had brilliant support from them and from many of you in the village with over £182,000 pledged to date.  However, as things stand, we are not in a position to match the private buyers' offer.

The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to inform everyone involved in the Community Pub project that - for obvious reasons - the project is currently on hold.

We are delighted for Tony and Terri that they have a potential sale and wish them well.  If an opportunity arises to purchase the pub in future, we will, of course, revive the project.

Our village shop will continue at the heart of the village in its current location.  Over the coming months we will review the options for the future as its lease comes up for renewal in 2019.  As you all know, its future depends on your CONTINUING SUPPORT!

In the meantime the Shop Management Committee would like to thank all of you who have enthusiastically supported this project and got us into the very positive position we have achieved."

 Winsham Shop Management Committee

30th March 2017




I think it may be time to pour yourselves a drink, alcoholic, tea or coffee - the choice is yours (I know which one I would go for) - the following is quite a heavy read! 

Financially our current shop is not working and costs are continuing to increase. We were averaging £3000 profit per annum but  2015/2016 saw a loss of £3000 due to increased costs and reduced sales.  

We are anticipating a further loss in 2016/2017 with the rise in the Living Wage in April an increase of 4.2%  is quite an impact on a community shop. The annual rent  is £5000 pa, which is a significant amount and a review is due in the coming months.  We have reduced  our opening hours by 2.5 hours per week, which is helping, but we may have to cut back further.  We have to find a solution to enable us to at least break even. Our current shop location is not ideal for purpose and needs serious investment: 

        a)     Environmental temperature control is  inadequate for people and              stock. b)  Limited wheelchair and pushchair access. c) Limited parking on a very busy corner 

There is little scope for expansion to improve turnover - i.e. a coffee shop would be nice.

We believe the shop is a vital service and plays a key role in community life, enhancing the attractiveness of living in Winsham, however, we have no long term security - the lease may not be renewed in 2019 - what happens to the shop then?

We want to build on the momentum of the Pub project to see if we can finance a new site that the village will own and create a more sustainable model to secure the future of the shop.  We need your help to identify plots of land/property that might be suitable and to let us know.

 In the meantime we ask for your continued custom and support by shopping with us and volunteering when you can. The survival of the shop depends on all of us supporting it……. Use it or lose it…….

I warned you it was heavy - put the kettle on or reach for something stronger  -  I think you've earned it!






Winsham Shop and Post Office has an unbroken history of 150 years of service to the people of Winsham. Over this period it has had many different proprietors, but now it is run by the village, for the village. Good value, a wide range of merchandise, local produce and friendly service meets the needs of local residents, whether they are doing their weekly shop or just popping in for a convenience or an ‘emergency’ item.

Many prices match those of the big Supermarkets. Open seven days a week, a tightly managed grocery and convenience store is a major asset to the community.

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