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Updates from Winsham Shop Management Committee relating to 'The George' project will in future be posted here. The previous page relating to this project has been discontinued, as the final decision is now very close, and in the hands of the SSDC Planning Dept. If a favourable decision is received from S.S.D.C. it will be reintroduced to inform readers of progress in its implementation. Full details of the Planning Application, and associated correspondence, can be found on the SSDC web site.



 It's your Community Shop & Post Office & your chance to show your support - do not assume it is a done deal.

The majority of our community have demonstrated their support to relocate the village shop and Post Office to The George

It is now key decision time and you can make a difference by attending the  Area West Planning Committee Meeting, Wednesday 20th February at the Guild Hall in Chard 

We have worked hard over the last two years to provide a solution for the long term security of our village shop & Post Office, with everyone being given ample opportunity to share their solution to the problem presented 

This is the only CENTRALLY LOCATED, AVAILABLE, VIABLE & VERY IMPORTANTLY- FUNDED OPTION on the table, without it there is a real risk our community shop & Post Office will not survive, with an imminent  risk that our current lease will not be renewed in September 19   

As anticipated the Planning Officer has recommended refusal based on highways issues .However, it is down to the Planning Committee to make the final decision and understand inpact of such a decision on our village.

We cannot stress enough, how important it is that we show the councillors how much support there is in the village for this, by turning out for the meeting .Please do what you can to be there and encourage others to do so  

Please be aware that the Planning Committee report is now available to view on line - see attached link - look in Area West committee meeting agenda - item 15

Thank you to the many of you have already let us know that you are attending .For all those attending the meeting please pick up your rosettes in the shop from Monday and wear at the meeting to show you are a supporter.  

PLEASE NOTE THE MEETING STARTS AT 5.30PM for councillors .However, we have been advised planning items will start no earlier than 6.30pm.

Our suggestion is that you aim to arrive 6-6.15pm.  

Any questions please let us know

Winsham Shop Management Committee  


95 people attended the parish council meeting on Wednesday,9th January, when the Parish Council unanimously supported the revised planning application 
Picture by Stuart Davie ( Vice Chairman-Winsham Parish Council)

Update: The George 1/2/19 

We are eagerly awaiting the Planning recommendation report from Mike Hicks, the Planning Officer regarding our change of use application for The George, which we believe will be delivered by the 8th February. We expect that this decision will be referred to the Area West Planning Committee meeting due to take place on Wednesday 20th February at the Guildhall in Chard . We know based on your letters of support that the vast majority of this community supports  this application.

Please be aware that our community shop only continues to survive due to the enormous efforts of our many volunteers who choose to give their time for free to support the whole community and our shareholders who shape its future. We are not just a place to buy stuff and a Post Office, but a key social hub, communication centre and support particularly for those without transport, isolated and infirm in our community. 

We are happy to do this as we believe our shop is fundamental to our village life. We have worked hard to deliver what we believe is the best available, centrally located ,funded and viable option to secure its future, as well as give us the added benefit of a community cafe and public toilet facilities during shop opening hours . 

We ask that if you value your shop and appreciate this that you show your support by: 

1. Displaying a poster in your house and/or car window 'Proud to support our community shop' posters available in the shop. 

2. Attend the planning committee meeting on 20th February to demonstrate  to the councillors who sit on this committee that this is what you want. A huge presence of people in support makes a real difference .

 If you plan to attend then please let us know via email: or alternatively sign up in the shop and if anyone requires transport to attend then this can be arranged

Many Thanks 


Winsham Shop Management Committee   


Winsham Shop and Post Office plays a role in our community that is more important than just being  somewhere to buy a postage stamp or a packet of cornflakes. It is part of Winsham's way of life for all age and social  groups, as demonstrated by the financial support the new project has attracted.
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...and enjoy a wide range of food, wines, spirits and beers, fresh vegetables and household goods at prices you can afford.



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As most will know the future of Winsham Shop and Post Office is open for debate. To follow the latest information CLICK HERE


Winsham Shop and Post Office has an unbroken history of 150 years of service to the people of Winsham. Over this period it has had many different proprietors, but now it is run by the village, for the village. Good value, a wide range of merchandise, local produce and friendly service meets the needs of local residents, whether they are doing their weekly shop or just popping in for a convenience or an ‘emergency’ item.

Many prices match those of the big Supermarkets. Open seven days a week, a tightly managed grocery and convenience store is a major asset to the community.

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