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What happens next to Winsham Shop & Post Office now depends on  planning approval by SSDC.

The George Update

6th April 2018

The George - Change of Use Application

We wanted to let you know that all is progressing with our change of use application to South Somerset District Council to enable The George to become the new location for Winsham Shop & Post Office, but unfortunately it  is much slower and more challenging than we would like or anticipated, despite a huge amount of work going on to push this forwards.

 This is particularly the case as it has come to light that we are actually involved in 3 individual applications which will cost over £600 in combined application fees to our District council which include : 

  • Change of Use 
  • Advertising (outside signage ) 
  • Conservation (as its a listed building )  

We submitted our initial application just after new year and since then we have been in correspondence with the council on further information they require before they will even consider making it a live project on their website. 

 As of today we have got two relatively minor outstanding issues, as we understand it, that we are seeking to address as soon as we are able with Rod Wells, who is acting on our behalf :

1.    Outstanding elevation drawings for new post office fortress walls 

2.    Advertising signage elevation drawings and application form 

Once the District Council (SSDC) are happy with the information provided, we are hopeful of the project going live on their website and being able to be submitted to planning committee . 

At this stage we are targeting the May, or failing that, the June planning committee( dependent on SSDC) which if successful would still mean an autumn move is possible . 

 Our community share issue to fund this project will remain open until we purchase The George and if anyone has any further questions or believes they can help in any way the please contact us on

 In the meantime please keep in contact with all our shop & post office news via Facebook 'Winsham Village shop & Post Office' 

 Winsham Shop Management Committee  


8th February 2018

We are please to confirm that our change of use application for The George was submitted to South Somerset District Council (SSDC) on 2nd January 2018 thanks to help from Rod Wells, who is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and experienced in planning applications. Obtaining change of use for commercial use is a pre-requisite to our purchase of The George, which is currently a residential property.

As part of our case we have used data gathered from our traffic survey conducted on 1st December 2017 . A huge belated thank you to all of you who helped gather information, it has provided invaluable evidence. See photo of Chloe Besley and Di Wallbridge braving the cold. 

Since submission to SSDC we have been going through a process of validation with SSDC. We  have proposed that we will come back to them by 28th February with the further information that they are asking for. This is a very typical part of the planning process.

Once we have  SSDC 's validation, our application will be made public on their website and we will be in a position to go forward to a future planning committee meeting. Based on current timescales this is likely to be April /May at the earliest, dependent on SSDC. We will advise you when we know more and when it is appropriate for you to help us with your letters of support 

We are still optimistic of an Autumn move to The George, but obviously this is subject to change of use being granted.

Our current total for community shares applied for stands at £309,000 and our share offer remains open until our target of £350,000 is reached or until change of use is granted and we are about to purchase The George. Further share applications are very welcome

If anybody has any questions or wishes to know more about the application then please let us know on

Winsham Shop Management Committee 



14th December 2017-The AGM

On Wednesday 13th December the shop held its Annual General Meeting for all shareholders to review the financial year ending 30th September 2017 and receive an update on The George project.

The good news is that we are in better shape than last year with a small loss this year, versus last year’s loss of over £3,000.This is because we have been able to make wage savings, due to closing shop 30 minutes earlier at 6pm Monday to Friday with no obvious impact on sales .

However, our overall message is the same as last year ,that we have to come up with a new financial model with new premises or there will be no shop in Winsham, as we cannot continue to make a loss

Fantastic News

We are pleased to announce that we are making great strides in our plan to buy The George as the new location for Winsham Shop & Post office with a new financial model and we can confirm our change of use application will be with the Council pre Christmas.

We have received over £308,000 worth of applications for Community shares versus our target of £350,000.

Our Community share issue will stay open for next month or two until we are in a position to buy The George with change of use approval or until we meet our target.

Our community share issue provide us with the most cost effective way of funding The George and for our investors the opportunity of potentially benefitting from 30% tax relief and earning 1.5% interest. There is a minimum £500 investment.

 If you would like to know more email

Alternatively, if you want to show your support you can pick up a form in the shop to buy £10 membership shares which entitle you to have a say in how your shop is run. These shares are effectively a donation as do not earn interest and are not refundable.

 A big thank you to Steve Brazier, from Church St. who kindly donated a 1950’s bottle of Madeira to the shop which we were able to raffle to raise funds.

We raised £135 and the winner was Steve Weller – Congratulations Steve & Cheers!

We would like to say a big thank you to all our customers, investors, staff and volunteers who make our community owned shop possible.

Happy Christmas to you all and looking forwards to a very exciting new year for Winsham Shop and for Winsham.

Winsham Shop Management Committee




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