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The change of use application in respect of 'The George' in Back Street to become the new premises for Winsham Shop and post Office has taken a long time to finalise, due in part to it being a listed building and the complexity of structural changes needed. There have also been road safety issues that needed to be taken into consideration. Three separate applications were required to cover all the detail necessary for the overall Application to be accepted, covering Change of Use, Conservation and Signage.

Winsham Parish Council gave formal approval of the applications at their meeting on 6th June, where a large group of residents met at the Public Forum held before the start of the meeting. The great majority of those gathered indicated their approval of the project, many having already written to South Somerset District Council supporting approval.

The Winsham Shop Management are now urging all those who have not yet written expressing their support to do so as quickly as possible-Click Here for details of who to write to. A decision is expected from SSDC within six weeks.

Full details of the applications can be seen on the SSDC Web Site. What follows is a guide to navigating the Planning Section of the sections of the web site that relate to  these three applications. It is only a guide and may not cover all aspects of items that may be relevant to your area of interest. Please note items  8537337 & 8537340.

Comments made by residents ,etc can be found on the Documents web pages . Click on Contributor links

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