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The unexpected availability of The George as a location for the shop and post office offers some exciting possibilities. Below is the case for Winsham to support this important initiative. Please read carefully, consider the case, and then support the project by making as generous pledge as you can. Remember, it is investment that is required, not donations-although they will not be refused!

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Access link to HMRC web site at bottom of page.

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After you have read all the above, and given full consideration to the ideas expressed , we hope you will decide that you wish to support the project. To proceed click on the link below , which will show you the downloadable Pledge form-you may have course already have one if you went to the preview. Print it out, complete, seal it in an envelope addressed to Paula Bramley Ball for confidentiality, and hand it in at Winsham Shop, by the 15th July, at the latest. If you cannot print out, you can get a copy from the shop. It can also be returned by e-mail to