This web page is intended to help the older members of our community and the people-family, friends, neighbours who perhaps care and 'keep an eye' on them! Not all of the older generation are comfortable with the internet, so some may not be able to access the information made available via this page, so those of us who do use it can help by passing along useful content.
The page is a portal to information mainly published by Age UK, although information from other sources is also be included-when this happens the source of the information will be self-evident, or individually identified.
A settled presentation format will evolve with the passage of time. Meanwhile we will experiment! Let us have your ideas


Source Topic Action
National Web Site
Provides a great deal of relevant information for older people
SomAge UK logo Introduction to services
SomAge UK logo Health & well being sessions
SomAge UK logo Opportunities for volunteering
SomAge UK logo Befriending
Carla Music & Movement
Jubilee Hall
Carla Ballet for Grown-Ups
Jubilee Hall

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