St.Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's, as always, was the the focus of the
centenary commemoration of the end of the First World War.
It was filled to capacity for the service.





The day of remembrance began at approximately 10:40am when the bell ringers of Winsham's parish church, St Stephen, rang a peal of 30 changes plus rounds, before waiting for the eleventh hour.

At 11am precisely, Keith Fowler rang the tenor bell eleven times to denote the beginning of the two minutes silence, as thousands of other churches across the country also followed suit. (The tenor bell was cast in 1583 - when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne - so not only was it appropriate for the occasion, it's remarkable to think that this bell has chimed over the generations of Winsham for 435 years and is still going!)

After the two minutes silence was observed, another peal of 30 changes was rung, drawing to a close this first part of the day of remembrance.


The ringers on the day were Keith Fowler, Beth Fowler, Peter Pye, Carl Earl, John Houston, Rob Simmonds and Jason Stevens.



Lt to Rt: Carl Earl, Rob Simmonds, Robert Shearer, Peter Pye, John Houston, Keith Fowler, Jason Stevens, Bethany Fowler

The team of bell ringers at St. Stephens is led by the Bell Captain, Keith Fowler, a man with long experience of the somewhat unconventional setting of the Winsham Bells. There is a central core of experienced ringers as shown in this picture, which was taken in 2015.
Winsham Bell Ringers are always looking for new members, as it is difficult for some members to guarantee that they will always be available, so the team always has to be bigger than eight, the number of bells in the belfry. If you would like to know more about St.Stephen's bells,

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