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Provides links via the icon bar to Winsham Web Museum, the Winsham Parish Council Web Site, the current e-letter and the Winsham social media facilities. Just below you will find the date that the site was up-dated.

 Latest Links

These will be found directly below the icon bar, and are constantly changing. They take you to the latest postings, which will give you more information about the matter described.


Social Media

The role of the Social Media in village and parish communications is growing rapidly, and it is the policy of Winsham on the Web to encourage this  by featuring Facebook, Instagram and Twitter links whenever they are appropriate. Just keep an eye open for a logo, and click on it-you should then be taken to the relevant page. However if you do not already have a registration with the service in question, you may need to register to get the link. This will only need to be done once.

 Picture Links

By clicking on these links you will be taken to specific areas relating to the picture subject-i.e. click on the picture of St. Stephens, and you will go to the area on the web site devoted to St. Stephens.

The content of these individual areas is described in more detail below. It may surprise you to find just how much useful information about general services can be reached through these areas, often linking to official external web sites, and can be an alternative to Google or filling your Bookmark or Favourites features on your browser with items to which you will only need occasionally to refer .

Winsham Shop & Post Office

This is where you go to find out the latest published information about 'The George Project'.

It also gives current information, such as opening hours, and the changes.

It also provides a link to the history of Winsham Shop, comprehensively covered on the Winsham Web Museum  site.


Parish Notice Board

This is the first place to visit if you are looking for details of forthcoming parish events. Talks, Dancing classes, Concerts, Art appreciation groups, it is all there. Just click on the notice that interests you, and you will go to the web page that will give you the  information you wish to see. They are constantly changing, so you need to visit regularly. Above the Notice board is a date which shows when it was last up-dated.

The bottom section of the Notice board is devoted to regular occurring events, and gives a permanent home for on-going notices relating to all sorts of topics.

The top of the web page is decorated with a picture taken by a Winsham resident of some aspect of life in the community, and is changed frequently. If you have a picture which you would like published, send it to the link below.


Market Place


The first place to look if you are looking for goods and services from a really local supplier


Parish Resources and Organisations

St Stephen's Church

Here you can find:

Monthly Service Rota, Church News and Events, details of the regular Coffee mornings, and by links to Winsham Web Museum you can explore the history of the Church and its architecture and construction , its bells and the historic Rood Screen. You can also find a list of incumbents since 1321, along with a glossary of terms. Once in the Web Museum, if you then go to the main index, and click on Winsham at Worship, you will then find a wealth of additional information about many other aspects of St. Stephen's.


United Reformed Church

A direct link to the Winsham Web Museum which gives a short history of 'The Chapel' as it is known locally. It then leads on to interesting historical documents, recently transcribed by Liz James-daughter of Michael Hebditch.

All fascinating information for people who are interested in Winsham's strong links to 'non-conformism'.

Jubilee Hall

The Management Committee has a policy of total transparency (except on the rare occasions where it might compromise a third party's right to privacy), and this evident from the amount of information published on the web site.

The link from the Home Page takes you to an index, which in turn will take you to details of the Hall's Constitution, details of the Management Committee membership, official policies, Annual Reports and Minutes of Committee Meetings and AGMs since 2004/5.

It also provides details of Hiring conditions, a current month booking diary and details of its fund raising activities.


Winsham Sports and Social Club

Gives details of the great amenity located on the Upper Recreation Ground, just off Bakersfield, and how to hire.


The Bell Inn

Now under new management the web page gives details of its opening hours, planned events, bar food, Sunday lunches, and the full menu. It also provides a link to its own Facebook page.



Winsham Primary School

This page normally links to the official school web site. Unfortunately this is not operating at present, but expected to be action shortly(December 2017).


General Information

Winsham Parish Council

Winsham Parish Council has its own web site, which can be easily accessed from the icon bar above. However, Winsham Parish Web site also carries a page on Parish Council activities, which highlight news item and some Notices and announcements, and provides rapid access to specific parts of the Winsham Parish Council Web site.

Community Matters

This area currently provides two links:-

Winsham-Make it better

An invaluable guide to ways of tackling problems and nuisances that spoil life for people. Contains a host of links to official web sites that give explanations of the legal aspects of some  problems. 
It also links to Know Winsham-A link to the 'Your Area' section of the South Somerset District Council Web Site that provides an incredible amount of information about the Parish. This includes details of listed buildings and Conservation areas.


Winsham on the Web

An explanation of how Winsham's internet infrastructure operates, and how to get the most from it.

Parish Organisations

Provides a comprehensive list of village clubs and organisations, with details of contacts and activities.

Joint Parish Magazine

A comprehensive guide for readers, contributors and advertisers, including copy dates and advertising costs and how to subscribe.




Winsham Web Museum
Almost certainly the first small community museum to exist solely in cyber space, it has been archived by the British Library. It was launched in 2002 and provides a remarkable record of the history of Winsham since before the Norman invasion in1066, covering many aspects of life. Contains some seven thousand items and over four thousand pictures. Easy to navigate, it can provide many hours of interest and entertainment.


Parish  & County Transport  Services

Provides links to the Web Sites relating to rail, bus ,coach air and ferry services.

These include:

Rail-Southwest Trains, Virgin & National Rail

Bus-Stagecoach-SW and Traveline

Coaches-National Express

Other-Tourist Net UK

Air- Link to Google UK Airports Search Page

Some of these web sites provide facilities to purchase tickets in advance


Other Resources and information

Medical Services

Offers links to the web sites of:

Main Chard Medical Practices

NHS Direct


Contacts for Acute Community Eye Care Service

Chard Hospital

Musgrove Park Hospital

Yeovil District Hospital


Emergency Services

Provides telephones numbers and links to emergency services operated by:-


Western Power-Electricity-Loss of supply

Wessex Water-Water & Sewerage

Local Medical Services


Support for the elderly

A link to Somerset Age UK web site, which provides a wealth of useful information for the elderly and carers. It also provide links to support activities based in Winsham.

South Somerset District Council

A link to a very comprehensive web site covering all aspects of the local government process as it applies to our area. It cover everything from Council Tax, Planning, Waste and recycling services, to paying parking fines, and a great deal more. Relatively easy to navigate, considering the vast amount of information it contains. The link takes you to the Home Page and main index.

Most pages contain a link at their foot, which will return you to the Home Page, or the page from which you accessed them.

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