With my new book in the shops yesterday/today, published by Penguin, as you might anticipate, my publicity team – Lucy, cheap but cheerful – has put together a newsletter to curry favour, make us rich, lose us friends, etc., etc. 

This one is a thriller - a departure from my previous historical fictions books. Please pass on the good word; better still, buy it, read it, then tell everyone how wonderful it is!

You can read about my inspiration for writing it here.

Delighted also to launch my new website www.stewartbinns.com

Many thanks, Stewart


January, 1981. Jim Dowd is a British Special Forces soldier, highly-trained and loyal. With his colleague, army intelligence officer, Maureen O'Brien, he enters a bitterly divided Belfast with a mission: to go undercover with new identities, infiltrate one of the city's most dangerous Catholic communities, and help change the course of a war that nobody is winning.

The Ardoyne is a perilous world, cut off from the law and run by dangerous men, where even a hint of Jim's and Maureen's true identities will prove fatal. But it is also full of pride, courage and loyalty, and Jim realises he admires this community - and as relationships form, his guilt at his deception grows ever stronger.

When they receive shocking orders, Maureen knows they must act swiftly and ruthlessly, but can she rely on Jim? And if they rebel, are they betraying their country, or are they being betrayed?


‘Brilliant. An explosive thriller with true authenticity’
Tom Marcus, Sunday Times bestselling author of Soldier Spy

‘Although fiction, this feels so real, and captures superbly the high price paid by so many during the Troubles’  Alastair Campbell

‘Stunningly realistic… A must-read for anyone who cares about the history of our islands’ 
Nick Hewer

'An edge of the seat thriller'

'Let me just say that Stewart Binns has written a belter of a story - he clearly has great knowledge of this time and place in history....the narrative crackles with fear and tension much of the way through, the plot itself was utterly gripping, and I became so invested in the characters that I was holding my breath in abject terror at times! Don't miss this one!'

'Stewart Binns has written a wonderful book that oozes fear and suspicion from the very first chapter creating a tour de force that is impossible to put down.  His use of dialogue to build a picture of a society in meltdown creates some of the most memorable prose I have read this year.... Over the years I have read a number of books concerning 'The Troubles' and Betrayal is undoubtedly one of the best.'

'Betrayal is an exceptional book....... an excellent read and highly recommended'.


You will soon be able to buy your own copy of 'Betrayal' from Winsham Shop
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