The Ilminster Beat team who look after Winsham, called in for a cup of coffee at the Jubilee Cafe just before Christmas, and took the opportunity to talk to residents about problems.

E096 14022019 appeal for witnesses

E096 14022019 AE033

Witnesses are being sought following a road traffic collision near Ilminster. It happened on the A358 at Ashill on 10 February at about 3.45pm.

A silver coloured Ford Kuga was waiting to turn right into Folly Drove. A black Volkswagen Polo stopped behind it.

A grey Volkswagen car was then in collision with the Polo forcing it into on-coming traffic, where it was in collision with a Mini travelling in the opposite direction.

The occupant of the Mini – a man -was taken to hospital with back pain but was allowed home after treatment.

Two women in the Polo received treatment at the scene.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who was in the area who may be able to help enquiries into the incident.

If you can help, contact 101 quoting reference 5219030872

You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): Winsham (Winsham, TA204JY).



MONTHLY REPORT – December 2018

Below figures relate to the Ilminster beat area (AE033)

25 reports of crime, including:

1 Assault

0 Assault on Police

4 dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)

1 non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)

2 criminal damage - property

4 criminal damage - vehicles

5 theft from motor vehicles

0 theft of motor vehicle

0 theft of pedal cycle

1 theft from shops

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 7 reports across the beat.

If you have information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101 or contact via the website link




Telephone Scam


This message has been sent as a warning to residents:

A telephone scam is circulating across the county where residents have received telephone calls from people claiming to be from Westminster Police.

The caller states that they are investigating a crime or have a suspect in custody who has their bank details. The caller then asks them to reveal their card details for checking. A second call is often made a short while later claiming to be from their bank. Again this appears to be part of the scam.

Please remember never to give bank details to anyone you do not know or trust and do not continue conversations with persons you do not know or trust.

If you experience a similar call, please report it direct to the national fraud and cybercrime centre, Action Fraud on 0300-1232040 or via their website at



Between 2-8 January a garage at a property in Cow Down Road, Winsham was broken into and items stolen including an air compressor, cordless drill, circular saw, and other tools.



Following is an overview of crime that occurred in your beat area over the Festive period. If you need more clarification about any particular matter please contact Lindsey at the NHW office.

23-24 Dec - Fore Street, Winsham. Shed at the property was broken into. Chain saw stolen.

There has also been a recent increase in vehicle crime locally. Particularly in the Broadway,  Ash Hill and Horton areas. Vehicles are being broken into, generally overnight, and items left on display are being stolen. Please ask members to ensure that vehicles are always kept locked when unattended and that all items are removed - or at least put out of sight.

Overnight 1-2 January a garage at a commercial property in Forton was broken into. Damage was caused to the door in the process. Nothing appears to have been stolen.


Report from a Winsham resident-Telephone Scam -a call from 'the police'

A disturbing report is that a telephone call was received very recently  saying that they were the police, investigating fraud from a bank-the same bank as the recipient of the call. They requested information about their Bank Account. At this point the target became suspicious and rang off. The scammers sounded very professional and convincing.

BEWARE-do not give out personal information to callers. Reputable ones will not ask for it.


BCU28 29112018 Windows Computer Scam

There has been a reported rise in the ‘Microsoft virus on your computer’ telephone scam.

This scam is where the caller is saying your computer has a virus. The caller claims that if the virus is not removed damage will be caused to the computer. The caller will ask the computer owner to access a website provided by the caller and download software to deal with the virus. Doing this will expose the computer to potential risks like; unwanted Malware, computer viruses or allowing remote access to the computer by the caller even after the call has ended.

In a recent case where the software was downloaded as per the caller’s instructions the software reported that there were numerous viruses on the computer. The caller asks the computer owner to provide bank details and personal information so that the viruses could be removed.

The simple solution is, if you receive a call of this nature or similar nature then end the call immediately.

If you have been targeted by a call of this nature and you have followed the caller’s instructions switch off the computer and isolate it from any network and/or the internet. If you have concerns about viruses on your computer consider seeking advice from a trusted computer specialist.

For further advice on cyber-crime visit


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