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or just relax!

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Feeling a little restless, or a little bored, and just can't relax? Finished all those little jobs in the house? Cut the grass, weeded the vegetable plot? Washed your hands? Taken your temperature? Skyped all your friends? Fed the chickens?
Then you have come to the right place!
This area is intended to take your mind off yourself, by offering YOU the opportunity to do something different and stretch those little grey cells.
We don't know how long the Corona emergency is going to last, so over a period all sorts of diversions will emerge on this web page. Visit us regularly, and we hope everyone will find something to interest them! If you have an idea to contribute, please let us know. See the e-mail address at the foot of this web-page.

'What do you mean? Two metres?
How can I get that carrot you're holding?'
(Picture by Hazel Butler)

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This 'n' That
I am always looking for nice pictures of Winsham. I never have enough. Like this one, for example.
When you go for your exercise walk, or delivering groceries to vulnerable 'oldies' like me, make sure you have your 'phone with you. You never know when something will catch your eye. So please send it to me at Using a picture for the e-letter or the web site doesn't prevent you entering it for the Grand Challenge. Just mention that you might enter it, and I will not put your name on the credit.
One point to remember-keep to footpaths, and take care to respect the privacy of others. Pictures are OK, as long as they are taken from a public space, such as a public footpath.
Winsham Parish Council are now regularly using remote
 conferencing software for meetings. Why don't use it to talk to friends and family. If you have a PC, tablet or smart phone, give it a try. You can try Zoom US, but  there are others. With Zoom the software is free. So is the service, but only up to 40minutes or thereabouts. If it is just remote single face to face
contact that you want, use Skype. Failing that ,you can always write a letter-can you remember how to do that? It was all the rage once!  Winsham Post Office used to sell 'Penny Blacks' about 170years ago. They still sell stamps, but not Penny Blacks!


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