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A message passed on from Colette (who knows about these things) about possible disruption in Lyme Regis during mid-October, due to filming.


Marcus Dixon has sent a message on TeamSnap.

Hi All,

By now, you may well have heard or read that Warner Brothers will be filming in Lyme during mid-October. The filming will be centred around the Cobb and harbour but they will also be using parts of the Monmouth Beach and Cabanya car parks for the parking of production vehicles and the siting of other film-related facilities.
The intention is that production vehicles will park on the section of town council car park (Cabanya) between the bowls club and boat building academy (80 spaces) from 0600 on Friday 8 October until 0600 on Wednesday 13 October. These vehicles will mainly be larger production vehicles, not staff cars, and need to be located close to the site of filming. Staff cars will be parked elsewhere in the town.
In addition, a marquee will be erected on the western end of the Monmouth Beach car park from Thursday 7 October until Wednesday 13 October and this will be used for general staff and mess facilities, etc. There are likely to be 150-200 staff involved in the production. The marquee will be 12m x 39m and take up most of the central spaces in the western car park (66 spaces). Although large, the marquee will be low and should not obstruct seaward views from chalets, etc.
I understand that rehearsal will commence on Saturday 9 October and filming will be complete by late on Tuesday 12 October.
Access will be maintained at all times for all other users of the car park and adjoining land, including chalet, caravan and day hut owners, garage tenants, local business and organisations.
The remaining area of the ‘front’ Monmouth Beach car park, closest to the day huts and beach, will remain available for the public to use. This is the largest single area and amounts to about 130 spaces.
Warner Bothers will be employing on-site management, who will help control the movement of their staff and vehicles around the area.
Although public access will be maintained at all times, there may be some very temporary inconvenience whilst vehicles associated with the filming are moved into or out of the site.


I wonder what the film will be called, or what it will be about?

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Did you know there is a charity in Winsham that you may apply to for small amounts of money to help with educational equipment or training for your children?  All applications are treated in confidence & no promise of a grant is made. Should you wish to learn more  and apply to the Winsham United Charities for support, click HERE



Stepping Up Employment Support

A co-ordinated network of employment and skills support for individuals, employers and businesses seeking support and information in relation to employment, skills, careers and apprenticeships is being rolled out across Somerset under the Step Up Somerset brand to boost existing provision in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.


This includes a new one-stop-shop website which will provide

support for individuals who are job hunting, seeking training in new industries or working to strengthen their skills by providing details of employment and skills services and resources. Those who find themselves at risk of or being made redundant can find a full range of support including help with reskilling, financial assistance and wellbeing information.


Employers will be able to gather information on redundancy support for their workforce, staff development and offering apprenticeships or industry placements to young people. The website will also provide a platform for promoting any recruitment or development events available to attend.


For anyone without internet access further one-to-one help can also be provided via a single phone helpline: 0300 790 6275.



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