With the introduction of the new Winsham Parish Council Web site, the layout of  the Winsham Parish Web site is changing. In future Winsham Parish Web site will not carry the detail of Parish Council business, although it publishes comment and supplementary information on a Winsham Parish Council Portal Page which can be seen by clicking HERE.

If you are a visitor or new to the parish, visit our Welcome to Winsham web page.

The group will meet at Old Manor Farm at 10.00am on Saturday,20th November

Join the 'No-Name-Yet' Group!

Would you like to join a group of people to transform a few corners of Winsham and encourage wildlife and plant diversity? The thought is to encourage young and “not-so-young”, whether you have green fingers or no experience. Have a social time together, planning, taking cuttings, gardening and of course coffee and flapjack consuming (other cakes considered!). If you would like to join us to bring a bit of cheer for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee please contact me. Message or drop a note through my door - Old Manor Farm, Fore Street.

Judith Hill

A well made Christmas Wreath can last for years, with a little care!

Winsham Allotments
Judith and Simon Hill, along with some helpers have just completed necessary but labour intensive task-the laying and cutting back of the hedges surrounding the Winsham allotments. They have done a great job and in doing so saved the community a lot of expense. Many thanks.

Please help Winsham Web Museum make history

The role of Winsham Web Museum is to record events that have occurred in the parish. It covers happenings a thousand or so years ago, and also things just eighteen months in the past.

The pandemic has touched everyone in the parish in some way or another. Not that many have caught it, but avoiding doing so has influenced over the last eighteen months many people lives and experiences, some in a big  ways, others small .

Winsham Web Museum is seeking to leave a record of some of these events for posterity, and needs your help.

There will be vast tracts of information about the detailed medical, scientific, monetary and social impact on the world, on the Internet, for many years to come. Winsham Web Museum does not wish to  duplicate any of this, other than in the briefest terms for context purposes. What it does want to do is record the impact on individual and family life caused by the three lockdowns, before they begin to fade from people’s memories.

To do this it is appealing to people living in the village to let it know about how it influenced their lives. Anecdotal stuff. What it felt like if you caught Covid. What did it feel like if you were notified as a contact on ‘Test & Search’? How did you feel if  someone close to you got ill with it, especially someone elderly or at special risk? If your children were at secondary or primary school, how did it affect their education. What affects did it have on their state of mind? Did the risk of contagion worry you or are you  a fatalist? Did it influence other  medical treatment you were having, or planning to have? Did you miss going to shops? Or watching football or playing it! What do you feel about the vaccination programme, and ‘Test and Search’.

The list above could go on for ever, but it gives an idea of the sort of information we are seeking. If you have experience of something and you would like to share it, please let us know .

It is not just serious things we want to hear about. We would like to know about fun times as well. A really good holiday perhaps in England, or just a nice day out, without the crowds. Tell us about it.

We can’t promise to use every entry; we will treat them anonymously, unless you indicate you are OK with your reminiscence being named-we hope some will.

We only need a few words-ideally a maximum of about 200. If you have something really epic to tell us about, write as much as you like! Please send by e-mail. Any other way is sure to end in chaos!


John Sullivan

Enjoy Dr Henk Beentje's commentary on local plant life found during his walks around Winsham
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Did you know there is a charity in Winsham that you may apply to for small amounts of money to help with educational equipment or training for your children?  All applications are treated in confidence & no promise of a grant is made. Should you wish to learn more  and apply to the Winsham United Charities for support, click HERE



Stepping Up Employment Support

A co-ordinated network of employment and skills support for individuals, employers and businesses seeking support and information in relation to employment, skills, careers and apprenticeships is being rolled out across Somerset under the Step Up Somerset brand to boost existing provision in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.


This includes a new one-stop-shop website which will provide

support for individuals who are job hunting, seeking training in new industries or working to strengthen their skills by providing details of employment and skills services and resources. Those who find themselves at risk of or being made redundant can find a full range of support including help with reskilling, financial assistance and wellbeing information.


Employers will be able to gather information on redundancy support for their workforce, staff development and offering apprenticeships or industry placements to young people. The website will also provide a platform for promoting any recruitment or development events available to attend.


For anyone without internet access further one-to-one help can also be provided via a single phone helpline: 0300 790 6275.



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Know Winsham!
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The section called 'Your Area' enables you to search information about Winsham. It provides an incredible amount of information, including details  of  'Listed buildings', the Conservation Area, and lots of other things too. All you need to do is click on the link below, and then enter your post code. The map that appears has some instructions for use, and alongside is a tick-box, enabling you to select the information that interests you.
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