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Andrew Simkins, Chairman of Winsham Parish Council,
with Teresa Pinder, Parish Clerk



Limekiln Lane, Winsham 

 I am writing to inform you that Somerset County Council as the Highway Authority have received an application for the temporary closure of Limekiln Lane from Crestmoor Construction.

 This road will be closed from 17th December 2018 and is expected to last for 2 days to enable culvert repairs and installation of a tubular steel parapet to be carried out.

 Please find enclosed a plan showing the length of the closure in RED and the alternative route in BLUE.

 Every effort will be made to keep the duration of this closure to a minimum to reduce any further disruption.

 For any further information please contact Crestmoor Construction on 01963 33923

 The Road Closure Team

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Did you know Somerset has one of the longest public rights of way networks in the country and it is similar to the length of the road network in Somerset. Maintaining such a lengthy network with limited resources is challenging, but with the help of several hundred volunteers across the County we continue to ensure that over 80% of the path network is open and easy to use.

To make sure we can continue to secure best value in service delivery, Somerset County Council’s Rights of Way team would like to review:

• Path Categories

• Vegetation Clearance schedule

Paul Welters is the Parish’s Parish Path Liaison Office (PPLO) and has already put a piece on Facebook requesting any observations and comments from walkers and riders.  If you choose to do this by e-mail please use this e-mail address,, adding Paul Welters-Parish Paths Consultation. name in the subject 'box'. Alternatively you can click HERE.

Paul will then compile a report and his recommendations, and these will be considered  at the January, 2019  Parish Council Meeting, before being forwarded to Somerset County Council.

There is a map displayed in the Winsham Shop and Post Office showing the various rights of way in the Parish, which can also be viewed on line via the link below, by just putting Winsham in the search box:

The full communication from Somerset County Council  by clicking HERE


Have your say: Proposed changes to the County Council’s support and services for children and their families

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Surviving Winter

Somerset Community Foundation has launched this year’s Surviving Winter campaign, which encourages people to join the growing number of contributors who donate some or all of their Winter Fuel Payment to help local people living in fuel poverty. This year, any online donations to the campaign made during the week-long Big Give Christmas Challenge - midday Tuesday 27 November to midday Tuesday 4 December - will be doubled!

Last year, over 500 older people living in fuel poverty in Somerset were helped to keep warm and better connected through the winter months, thanks to pensioners and other local donors who gave to Surviving Winter.

Help Somerset Community Foundation to help more isolated and vulnerable older people this year.

To donate to Surviving Winter, visit or call 01749 344949. Please remember that all donations will help the Surviving Winter campaign, but if you donate online between midday Tuesday 27 November and midday Tuesday 4 December your donation will be doubled.


Broadband Survey-your participation is needed. Click on the link below and it goes to a series of short questions which take about a couple of minutes to answer. If you are not sure of your present broadband speeds there is a link from the survey to a very simple speed checker-this also takes no more than a couple of minutes

October 2018

Please take part in this digital user survey

Network image

As Connecting Devon and Somerset continues its work to improve broadband services across our counties, we are keen to get an updated picture of where we are.

Where communities have benefited from new superfast broadband, what impact has this had? In communities yet to feel the effects of superfast, what are they able to do with the service they do receive and what would they like to do?

We have developed a survey to capture people's broadband needs and compare whether these needs are met by the service they receive. The survey is open to all residents and businesses within Devon and Somerset and in addition to capturing the impact from the new infrastructure, it will help us identify the broadband needs across our counties and the data will influence our future Digital Strategy.

Our Broadband User Survey asks questions about currently available speeds, what homes or businesses can and cannot do with their existing broadband and the levels of satisfaction with their provider. The survey typically takes about five minutes to complete online and can be found at

We are keen for the survey to be completed by as many local residents and businesses as possible and to this end we are asking local parishes and authorities to help promote the survey and bring it to the awareness of their local communities.


Christmas and New Year Revised Refuse Collections

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SSDC Fuel Cost Loan Plan
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Latest Somerset Waste Partnership Briefing

New Traffic and Travel
 Website run in conjunction with Somerset County Council


How Safe Is Your Water Supply?

Having a private water supply can be a real boon. Cheaper than mains water, control over chemical additives and often with better pressure, a private supply is also not subject to imposed drought restrictions. Many farms, businesses and homes rely on a private supply either through preference or practicality. Indeed, the South West has around one third of all the private supplies in England. Cool, fresh and delicious - spring water on tap can be one of the perks of rural living.

The quality of private water supplies, however, can be extremely variable. It’s vital to ensure the safety of your supply for yourself, your guests, livestock or customers. In fact, it’s a legal requirement if you run a commercial activity where you supply water to your customers, such as a campsite, B&B or rental property. Owners can help safeguard their supplies by protecting from contamination by livestock and other hazards, installing treatment apparatus, and making sure the water is stored and distributed safely before use.

Private water supplies often pose a health risk because they are not managed or tested in the same way as public supplies. Common problems include bacteria, heavy metals such as iron, manganese, aluminium, lead and arsenic, as well as nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and other minerals. Sometimes the contamination may affect the appearance, taste or smell of the water but it is often not obvious. The best way to be sure your supply is fit for use is to have regular testing carried out.

Professional testing should include metals such as iron, zinc, lead, nickel and copper that may result from deteriorating pipework or other sources. It should also report on chemical levels from disinfection products. The key benefit of engaging a reputable professional laboratory is that they can provide microbiological testing which will identify health hazards such as E.coli. Not all labs offer this service, so always check what is included when choosing a company. It is highly recommended that a laboratory accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is used rather than internet testing kits which are very unreliable and often give misleading results.

Somerset Scientific Services, part of Somerset County Council, have been supplying impartial advice and testing for over 50 years. Contact them for information or a quote for a comprehensive UKAS accredited testing package.  - 01823 355906 -

A really great innovation- See the Twitter frame on the Home Page of the Parish Council Web Site-a really rapid way to keep track of the items of news that relate to how local authority, etc. issues relate to Winsham and our surrounding area. Click HERE


2018-Recycling and Refuse Collections
Bank Holiday Changes


The official Winsham Parish Council  Web Site carries a great deal of information that is relevant to its day-to-day operation, and can be accessed on www.winshamparishcouncil.  Access  to the various sections of the site can be reached by left clicking on the relevant buttons below.

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WINSHAM PARISH COUNCIL was formed in 1894. It's meetings have been held in the Jubilee Hall since that time. If you are interested in the Council's history, including the records of every meeting since it started , together with lots of other information, click on the button below.

Winsham Parish Council has nine members, all of whom live within the parish
or within 3miles of the boundary. Membership is by election or co-option.
A new Parish Council is formed every four years.

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