Winsham Parish Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month at
7.30pm in the Committee Room of the Jubilee Hall. The Chairman is Jason Stevens, seen above with Teresa Pinder, Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Vacancy

Winsham Parish Council currently has vacancies for the role of Parish Councillor. The Parish Council will consider candidates for one co-option at the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 1st November, at 7:30pm.

If you care about Winsham and it’s surrounding area, want to help shape its future and are willing to give time to work for the community please read below to find out more about becoming a Parish Councillor.

To register your interest please contact Teresa, the Clerk on as soon as you can!
Telephone: 01460 30441

Being a Parish Councillor is a great opportunity to work for the community and help decide how to meet the concerns of residents and what is best for the wider parish of Winsham (not just the main village). Importantly, you need to have the concerns and best interests of the parish as a whole at heart. Councillors are community leaders and should represent the aspirations of the public that they serve.

Parish councils are the most local part of our democratic system and are closest to the public. Councillors are there to consider the information gathered and make a group decision on all matters, keeping in mind the best interest of the community as a whole. No individual Councillor is responsible for any single decision.

If you would like to become a Parish Councillor please speak to any of our current Councillors or you may also find The Good Councillors Guide useful.

Parish Councils benefit from diversity and we welcome interest from people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences and abilities. Good communication skills, problem solving, analytical thinking and being a team player are all useful skills, and it doesn't matter whether you acquired these from your professional life or from community, voluntary or social experience. The most important thing is that you care about Winsham and are willing to take an active role.

Anyone can stand as a candidate provided they meet the qualification requirements. You should be:

* aged over 18;

* a British, Commonwealth Citizen or Citizen of an EU country;

* a registered elector

and have been;

* Resident for 12 months prior to the day of election/co-option - either in the parish or within 3 miles of the boundary, or;

* occupied land or premises for 12 months as owner or tenant - either in
the parish or within 3 miles of the boundary, or;

* had a principal place of work - either in the parish or within 3 miles of the boundary.

You cannot become a Councillor if:

* have been declared bankrupt within the last five years if you have not repaid your debts.

* have been convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to not less than three months imprisonment (whether suspended or not) without the option of a fine within the last five years.

* you have been disqualified under any legislation relating to corrupt or illegal practices.



The Clerk

Telephone: 01460 30441




Holly & Bells


Somerset Community Foundation is once again inviting members of the public to join them for their annual Sing for Somerset carol service in the magnificent Wells Cathedral on Saturday, December 16 at 7pm. Admission is free, no tickets are required and doors will open at 6.15pm. 

Sing for Somerset features a festive mix of traditional and contemporary music conducted by Laurence Blyth, featuring the Mid-Somerset Orchestra, Somerset Voices choir and organist Matthew Redman. Carol sheets will be provided for all to join in the festivities.

The retiring collection will benefit the work of Somerset Community Foundation. For more information, email: or call 01749 344949.


Parish Council Surgeries
After getting off to a good start , listed below are the dates  planned for future surgeries, over the next few months. They will all be held in 'The Bell'





Cllr 1

Cllr 2



12pm - 2pm

The Bell

Cllr Jason Stevens

Cllr Rita Miller



12pm - 2pm

The Bell

Cllr Nigel Eastick

Cllr Stu Davie

No December surgery








12pm - 2pm

The Bell

Cllr Diane Wallbridge

Cllr Andrew Simkins



12pm - 2pm

The Bell


Cllr Trevor Harris



12pm - 2pm

The Bell

Cllr Jason Stevens

Cllr Rita Miller



12pm - 2pm

The Bell




Winsham Parish Council has received a prestigious award as part of the Local Council Award Scheme. This achievement recognises that the council achieves good practice in governance, community engagement and council improvement.  Moreover, Winsham Parish Council goes above and beyond their legal obligations, leading their communities and continuously seeking opportunities to improve and develop even further.


The official Winsham Parish Council  Web Site carries a great deal of information that is relevant to its day-to-day operation, and can be accessed on www.winshamparishcouncil.  Access  to the various sections of the site can be reached by left clicking on the relevant buttons below.

Road Closure-Down Lane-Purtington
Click HERE to view official notification



Winsham Parish Council have arranged for free NHS Health checks to be carried out on Wednesday, 25th October. A quick and convenient way to check if you could be at risk from a variety of medical conditions. All you need to do is book an appointment.
For more information , click on the link below.

NHS Health Check Leaflet

NEW! Winsham Parish Council Newsletter

The first of what we hope will be a regular event.

Click on the link below to read the new Parish Council Newsletter.
You can of course read the PC Minutes, and visit the Parish Council web site, but this summarises the main items.
Included in this edition-New Parish Council Surgeries
Free NHS Health Checks
Community grants
Somerset Oil Scheme
Community Service Award

Click HERE


" We need to be more pro-active in improving resources for teen age groups, young adults, parenting and working age groups...."-Jason Stevens, Chairman, Winsham Parish Council.
Click  on the picture above to find out more

Winsham Community Speed-watch 2017

Your help is needed to help keep the roads of Winsham safe for everyone.

Click on the picture to find out more


 In the past couple of years numerous residents have approached me with "why doesn't somebody do something about the speeding through the village?"

  Believe me the PC have been on about it for years and dates have been made and cancelled for a community speed-watch.  Now we are due for it to happen in August but we need volunteers, as requested by Councillor Trevor Harris in the July issue of the parish magazine.  I was really upset to learn at the last PC meeting that only 3 people had volunteered.

 Come on Winsham - I know you can do better than that - perhaps it has never occurred to you, but may be that "somebody" could be "me".


The draft of  the Minutes of Parish Council will now become available to view within a week or so of the actual meeting . These Minutes need to be agreed as being accurate by the members of the Parish Council at their next meeting, so they cannot be regarded as a definitive report
of what was agreed or discussed. In practice, they do give a good idea of what went on at the meeting. Changes are quite rare. Remember however that the draft could be changed by agreement of the Parish Council, at the meeting that follows, usually held on the first Wednesday of the following month.
Should this happen, revised Minutes are published.

 To see the draft Minutes of the meeting held at the beginning of the month, click HERE. They can also be accessed from the Parish Council Web Site

Latest information on improved Winsham Mobile Phone coverage


Latest News-21st October- It's working!


Cellnet Mast The new  mast has now been erected at the Upper Recreational Field, and this should be of great benefit to Vodafone and O2 cell net users, providing a 4G service. Presumably the other service providers did not consider the investment worthwhile.
The Parish as a whole will benefit from the financial payment that has been made in return for allowing access to the the Upper Rec.

 Click HERE

G.I.S Mapping Systems

 For Public Footpaths and Rights of Way,

And “Report a Problem” on our Highways

 A new online, interactive map has been launched by Somerset County Council to allow residents to report potholes and other issues on Somerset’s Highways. Click HERE for more information

Quick links to sections of the Parish Council Web Site
COMMUNITY Notices and announcements, including information about grant sources and courses, local initiatives and projects bb1
MAKE IT BETTER Practical advice about being a better neighbour and reconciling conflict. Information links relating to parking, noise, pets, etc. bb2
YOUR PARISH COUNCIL DOES FOR YOU What your Parish Council does for you. Contact links to other levels of government, including your County and District Councillors and Member of Parliament bb3
WINSHAM CEMETERY Details of cemetery regulations, charges and cemetery plots map. bb4
PARISH COUNCILLORS Details of Winsham Parish Council bb5
ACCOUNTS Details of Accounts bb6
ASSETS Assets register bb7
DOCUMENTS Details of Statutory Documents available for on-line inspection bb8
MEETINGS Copies of Agenda and Minutes of Meetings bb9
CONTACT INFORMATION How to contact the Parish Council bb10
PARISH SURVEY 2013 A major survey on many aspects of parish life-all households-60%response bb11
PARISH PLAN 2014 The Parish Plan evolved from the 2013 Parish Survey and is now a major factor in parish council decisions bb12





WINSHAM PARISH COUNCIL was formed in 1894. It's meetings have been held in the Jubilee Hall since that time. If you are interested in the Council's history, including the records of every meeting since it started , together with lots of other information, click on the button below.

Winsham Parish Council has nine members, all of whom live within the parish
or within 3miles of the boundary. Membership is by election or co-option.
A new Parish Council is formed every four years.

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